Zhuhaishi Shuangbojie Technology Co,. Ltd

Company description:

Zhuhaishi Shuangbojie Technology Co,. Ltd is a comprehensive and high-tech enterprise specializing in raw steroids powder, chemical synthetic drug, pharmaceutical intermediates, Chemical raw materials, as well as chemical antisepsis. integrating R&D, manufacturing, operating and marketing into an organic whole. Steroid raw hormone powders and pharmaceutical raw materials are main products. We have been serving in steroids field for over 14years. Our products achieve the advanced standard of domestic market, many of which conform to the international standard, Kosher Certificate and ISO9001.Our factory covers an area of 33500 square meters, with clean environment and nice layout. We own several large-sized, medium-sized workshops and QA and research center with advanced equipments. All Staff will pursue high quality and perfect brand with untiring efforts, and inherit company spirit on "energy-saving, factual, enterprising and innovative ", follow the company management theory of "lives, services or soul of quality ", with the first-class products and high-quality service to meet market's demands.

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    Address: Zhuhaishi Shuangbojie Technology Co,. Ltd
    No 496 Zhongshan Road
    Wuhan, 430064, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 86-027-50755963
    Tel. +48 86-18872220697
    Fax +48 86-027-50755963
    WWW: Add www

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  • Ivy Young

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